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Have you fallen off the efficiency wagon, Virgo? Hop back on this Monday, August 3, as the year’s only full moon in Aquarius powers up your systematic sixth house. This zone of the zodiac wheel is very “Virgo,” since it rules qualities like productivity, service and healthy living. No one needs to pressure you when it comes to getting a job done, but here’s the million-dollar question, Virgo: Have you forgotten to prioritize self-care in the process? Full moons can bring your efforts of the previous six months to a tipping point—or a turning point. Since the next two weeks are peak “harvest time” for this lunation, make it your mission to tie up any loose ends. We know that “perfect is better than done” in your world, but are you prolonging a project’s release date (or delaying an announcement) out of fear of what other people might think? Reality check: Even your biggest fans are technically “critics.” They just happen to be giving you favorable ratings. Technically, every day is “judgment day,” by that measure, Virgo, so you might as well give up resisting feedback and put yourself out into the world. With this full moon landing in tech-savvy Aquarius, you could create a massive buzz on social media. Don’t have finished work ready? How about a teaser post that engages people in your creative process? When you’re ready for your big reveal, you’ll have support from all corners of the interwebs (and world!) cheering you on.

Your analytical brain gets a much-needed breather starting Tuesday, when expressive Mercury (your ruler) floats on into Leo and your dreamy, spiritual twelfth house. This comes after a prolonged stay in Cancer and your logical, innovative eleventh house, which began on May 28 and included a rocky retrograde from June 18 to July 12. To say your mind’s been busy since late May would be an understatement! Anxiety about the future percolated alongside some truly genius ideas about how to make your life and the world a better place. Now, you’ve got some mental sorting to do. But first! With Mercury lounging in Leo and your meditative twelfth house until August 19, what you CAN “do” now is sit quietly and observe that stream. How many of those thoughts are worth keeping and which amount to “monkey chatter,” Virgo? Hint: If you can attach “next steps” to the idea and see a clear path to productivity, put it in the Keep pile. But if all you can do is spiral into hopeless despair, it’s not something you’ll want to obsess over right now. You don’t have to discard the overwhelming thoughts completely. Just let them breathe. You might even write them on a piece of paper and tuck them under a crystal until the next new moon, which is in Leo on August 18. Review your inquiries again after that—and—if the answer hasn’t manifested on its own, you can seek expert guidance, especially when Mercury makes its annual visit to Virgo from August 19 to September 5.

Levity seeps into all your relationships this Friday as playful Venus also wraps up an extended voyage through Gemini and moves on to Cancer until September 6. Since April 3, the love planet hovered in the sign of the Twins, activating your tenth house of career and ambitious goals. Due to a retrograde, from May 13 to June 25, Venus hovered in Gemini for four times its usual stay. While this may have provided a creative boon for your career, it wasn’t the sexiest time for relationships. Some Virgos may have been “married to the job.” For others, the weight of worldly responsibilities may have zapped your mojo—and the current economic crisis didn’t help things at all. But as Venus moves on to Cancer this Friday, you can bring humor and playful experimentation back to your interpersonal connections. True, it might take you a minute to return to your sensual self. But at least you’ll have an easier time communicating. (Everything doesn’t have to be SO serious, Virgo!) Commitment might not be your jam until (at least) September 6. Have fun and enjoy the interactions (and the not-knowing!). With Venus logged into this digitally savvy sector, a lucky right swipe might be in the stars!

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