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August Snapshot

Scorpio on the move! In August, not much can slow you down when you set your sights on a goal. The only challenge will be deciding which exciting plans to pursue.

Focus is your forte, Scorpio, so be mindful not to scatter your energy by multitasking. Can you space out a lengthy to-do list for the rest of the year instead of cramming it into an impossible time frame? More importantly, can you nurture the ONE initiative that matters most—and bless it with your undivided attention?

Until August 22, you’ll be buoyed by the Sun in bold Leo, which is heating up your tenth house of career and success. After a lengthy pandemic plateau, August brings a fresh rush of motivation to go after your goals with new gusto. Trim the sails, streamline your systems and follow a schedule when possible so you can have time to get out for fresh air and (safe) summer activity.

If your city has rolled back reopening, use the time to hunker down and get your grand plans in place for a fall rollout. Leo season powers you up to pounce!

Get Team Scorpio up to speed as you refocus your efforts. Your support system is key. With motivator Mars spending the rest of the year in Aries and your sixth house of wellness and helpful people, make sure everyone from service providers to coworkers is clear on their roles and responsibilities.

The sixth house also rules health and fitness, and energizer Mars will push you to work out, eat well and burn that extra fuel. A medical issue you’ve been putting off may need to be addressed. Deal with any health matters directly and get them handled quickly, Scorpio. Keep stress at bay.

Simplifying is especially important now because Mars will get ensnared in a series of tense squares with three planets (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn) in Capricorn and your third house of communication and community. A million messages, email and little “scraps” of things can take over your life if you’re not careful. Prioritize and delegate!

Teamwork takes wing after August 22, when the Sun shifts into Virgo and your eleventh house of groups and society. A plum project could attract some well-connected collaborators, and your social life will pick up again. Get involved in a worthy cause. Giving back not only feels good, but it can connect you to like-minded power players.

Week 1: August 1-9
Keep the home fires burning

The workweek starts with a personal-life turning point when the August 3 Aquarius full moon beams into your fourth house of home, family and foundations. Your living situation could undergo a change—one that may have been brewing since as far back as the Aquarius new moon on January 24. These bold beams can bring a move, a renovation or a change to the cast of characters under your roof. Your relationship with a female relative, possibly your mother or a child, is also in the spotlight now.
The emotional floodgates open—but will this tsunami do damage? A jarring square between the full moon and disruptive Uranus in your relationship house could bring a surprise from out of the blue when you least expect it. A family member or a close coworker may get under your skin.
After so much time cooped up together, you might be snapping at your loved ones. Use this open-minded full moon for a “reset.” Temper that realness with lots of respect to avoid a blowout fight.
The urge to do something rebellious can also strike—and Uranus entices you to shake up a key relationship. A person who’s exciting but not exactly commitment material may suddenly appeal to you. The escape, the novelty…it’s very tempting. But will you abandon your safety net for a few thrills? Don’t be too quick to do so.

Overthinking alert! On August 4, impatient Mars in your controlling and critical sixth house makes its first of this month’s three squares to the Capricorn cluster. As it locks horns with over-the-top Jupiter in your cerebral third house, your inner micromanager could make an unannounced appearance. Monitor your anxiety levels. If you sense that people are getting resistant or frustrated with you, that’s your cue to dial it down. At a certain point, you’ve got to let go and trust someone else!

Making a big pitch? You may feel nervous and try too hard to impress. Keep a cool demeanor around the powers that be. And before you pitch, have a solid plan. While this alignment of the action planet and supersizer Jupiter fills your head with big and brilliant ideas, you may not get an instant green light. Don’t push or force an outcome. Any delays will give you a chance to tighten your game plan, or possibly court another interested prospect. Bring on the bidding wars!

Week 2: August 10-16
Power struggles peak—then relationship reflection

This week brings tensions to a near-breaking point, and your anxiety levels could hit their peak. Make sure to have plenty of workouts and de-stressing activities on the calendar!

On Thursday, August 13, volatile Mars and underhanded Pluto will clash. This could bring a minefield of power struggles and vengeful actions. Anger at authority bubbles up like a dormant volcano—in the world AND in your life. If someone pushes your buttons (and they probably will), you could utter something regrettable. It will take serious self-control not to react.

If you insist on “clearing the air” this week, make sure you take precautions to avoid burning bridges or doing permanent damage to another’s (or your own) reputation. Be careful about keeping score or holding past grievances over someone’s head. It’s tempting to resort to emotional manipulation tactics, but don’t go there! Watch your words because you could cut someone deeply if you’re not careful. Engaging with them, even for a few minutes, is the opposite of a “win-win.”

Fortunately, the weekend will bring some (potentially lasting) relief. On Saturday, August 15, destabilizing Uranus starts its yearly five-month retrograde in Taurus and your seventh house of balanced relationships and compromise. Focus on restoring harmony to your closest partnerships between now and January 14, 2021. This doesn’t have to happen at the expense of your authenticity though. Just work on listening more and practicing patience. Reeling in rash impulses will be half the battle.

As Uranus backspins, you’ll get a long opportunity to sort out some of the less predictable aspects of your alliances. If a partnership has been on and off or you’ve been getting under each other’s skin, things may level out a bit.
Retrogrades can bring second thoughts. With liberated Uranus in reverse, you or your partner might have a change of heart about this commitment. A relatively new love interest could cool. But reflection doesn’t have to equal rejection. You can actually come out of this cycle more committed than ever, perhaps after exploring a trial separation or giving each other a little more room to experiment.

Week 3: August 17-23
Career renewal and an uptick in your social life

Your ambitious goals gain some sweet traction this week! On Tuesday, August 18, the Leo new moon kicks off an upward six-month cycle in your tenth house of career and long-term visions. Plant the seeds for success and identify where you’d like to be by early 2021: Which milestones will you have hit? Yes, there’s fear of businesses shutting down again and economic turmoil ahead, which aren’t unfounded. But don’t let that stop you from thinking big.
The year’s only new moon in your professional tenth house is a great time to reflect on your current job status. Is this the path you want to stay on, Scorpio? You may be ready for new challenges, and this lunar lift could point the way over the coming six months. Reach out to mentors and pros in your industry. Set concrete intentions and get into action!
Some lightness arrives just in time for the weekend on Saturday, August 22, as the Sun shifts into Virgo and heats up your social, collaborative eleventh house until September 22. You’ll feel less like you’re shouldering the weight of the world alone and better able to team up and spread some of the responsibilities around. Reengage with friends and colleagues you know you can depend on. Up until now, August was “work first, play later.” Now work and play commingle! Get involved in a world-changing passion project with inspiring kindred spirits instead of just answering the call of duty. You never know what professional doors this new network can open.

Week 4: August 24-31
What’s the rush?

Did you jump the gun or rush into an opportunity without thinking it all through? On Monday, August 24, a testy square between impatient Mars and restrictive Saturn could make you feel like you’re driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake.

At first, you’ll be irritated by Saturn’s sudden speed check. But you may eventually come to see it as a blessing in disguise. You need to consider more than just deadline pressure. How does an offer fit with your big-picture plans?

Don’t be in a rush to get things checked off your to-do list this week. In your haste, you could overlook some important critical points. Get crystal -about what you’re signing up for before you agree.

Ready to jump-start a fall fitness plan? This Mars-Saturn square is a great time to take inventory of your habits and mindset. While you might not be ready to launch it just yet, this CAN be a fruitful week to pinpoint any blocks and prepare to make positive changes to your health and lifestyle.

Begin by writing things down, even if you don’t make a single change. Log what you eat, how many hours you sleep and what you spend. If you have a wearable fitness tracker, all the better to capture your hydration, movement and biorhythms. Collect this data then use it to begin making small but meaningful changes in September that will have a positive snowball effect.


How about one last romp for good measure? On August 7, Venus wraps up an extra-long visit to Gemini and your erotic eighth house (since April 3). For some Scorpios, it’s been a sizzling and intimate time—even if the pandemic limited you to spicy chats and titillating video messages (we won’t tell).

But it wasn’t ALL thrills. Venus’ sojourn was extended due to a challenging retrograde from May 13 to June 25, which may have brought back an ex or triggered some old resentments and trust issues. If you worked those out, your bond could be back on track, possibly stronger than ever.

Now, more expansive energy arrives as Venus moves into Cancer and your ninth house of adventure from August 7 to September 6. You may crave a little more solo time to do your own thing. Or maybe you can actually pull off a romantic getaway with bae! Single? Sparks could fly with someone from another background. A long-distance love connection is also possible.

Over in your health and fitness corner, lusty Mars is cavorting through Aries and your sixth house of wellness from June 27 to January 6. Breaking a sweat together could be sexy for coupled Scorpios or just planning and cooking gourmet yet healthy meals. Unattached Scorpios could meet someone through healthy pursuits or, since the sixth house also rules your personal and professional routines, the office (or work Zoom calls) might turn up an intriguing prospect.

With Mars in this meticulous sector, watch out for a critical streak. You could get caught up playing life coach for each other, which will have the opposite effect of bringing you closer as a couple. Live and let live, Scorpio!

Key Dates:
August 25: Venus-Jupiter opposition

Under this tense angle between supersizer Jupiter and the love planet, you might feel like you have too many options, each as appealing as the other. Or you could have a hard time deciding exactly what you want in a relationship. Single with no one on the horizon? Beware someone’s too-slick pickup lines. You can’t ignore your Scorpio skepticism, but do give decent prospects a fair chance!


Focus on your most cherished ambitions and get ready to take care of business, Scorpio. In August, not much can slow you down—except maybe scattering your energy through multitasking. Concentrate on one or two key initiatives at a time. Once they’ve gained enough traction, you can either hand them off to capable colleagues or start to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

You’ll be cheered on by the Sun in bold Leo and your tenth house of career and success until August 22, which motivates you to go after your goals with confidence. Trim the sails by following a schedule, even if you’re currently unemployed or working from home. The August 18 Leo new moon kicks off an exciting six-month professional cycle. It’s a great day to circulate your resume, talk to a mentor or explore new paths.

Watch out for three tense showdowns between stressful Mars and Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn (on August 4, 13 and 24) that could find you overthinking everything or sending yourself into analysis paralysis. Manage your anxiety levels so you don’t have a bridge-burning meltdown!

Key Dates:
August 1: Mercury-Pluto opposition

It’s not like your circumspect sign to just blurt out things better kept under wraps, but today’s lip-loosening opposition of messenger Mercury and potent Pluto across your communication axis could have a surprising effect. While it would be an interesting exercise for you to candidly share your opinions, be careful not to cross any offensive, edgy boundaries, especially around colleagues or big-deal clients!

Love Days: 5, 11
Money Days: 18, 26
Luck Days: 15, 24
Off Days: 8, 13, 22

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