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If it feels like your social butterfly wings have been atrophying, this is the week to unfurl them and start flapping them back into prime form again. It begins on Monday, August 3, when the annual full moon in Aquarius flips on the house lights in your zone of communication, cooperation and local activity. Whether you already have the tightest-knit squad or are looking to expand your horizons, you may figure out ways to meet people and mingle that work within all the year’s complex restrictions. This partnership-powered full moon might bring you closer to a BFF, project partner or another platonic pal who can “twin” you easily and help you bring some of your vivid ideas into form. And with this side of your personality activated, people will be almost magically magnetized to you, eager to partner up on synergistic collaborations—especially ones that rule third house areas of life such as writing, podcasting, social media influencing…basically anything that lets you trumpet an important message to the world. Got some finished works in the hopper? You could ink a deal within the next two weeks. Let your inner—and even outer—circles know what you’re seeking. The perfect partner might already be in your field!

Honesty is your outspoken sign’s calling card, and it’ll be in evidence over the coming few weeks. After a prolonged journey through private Cancer—and your secretive eighth house, to boot—expressive Mercury zooms into Leo and blows the lid off any suppressed energy that’s kept you lurking in the shadows. Normally the winged messenger planet stays in a zodiac sign for three weeks. But due to its June 18 to July 12 retrograde, Mercury was plunged into Cancer’s emotion ocean for TEN weeks, since May 28. To say that its move into Leo will be a relief is an understatement. Leo rules your outspoken, philosophical ninth house, which is totally your frequency. Throw open your closet doors and free those skeletons! Pretending to be something you’re not won’t fly under this Mercury transit, which lasts until August 19. You don’t need everyone to love you—you know who counts, and that’s where you’ll want to direct your affections. Mental Mercury could help you cook up an audacious entrepreneurial idea and then direct you to the perfect team to get it off the ground. This chart sector also rules the media and education, so your project might involve a series of webinars or “edutainment” merch. What a great way for Archers to line your pockets while sharing what you love! With your global ninth house lit up, your offerings may reach people in the farthest corners of the Earth. Who knows? Some of your “early adopters” could turn into cross-cultural friendships—and possibly global partners. That’s how your worldly sign rolls!

The intensity won’t TOTALLY dissipate though. This Friday, another planet wraps up an extended voyage, one that has been putting some serious pressure on your partnerships. Since April 3, creative, romantic Venus has been parked in Gemini, stirring up a paradoxical swirl of feelings inside of you. Venus was also retrograde, from May 13 to June 25, which may have brought old issues to the surface—or a former love (even one from a past life)—to the foreground. Well, Archer, you’ve certainly had time to sit with all the indecision around this. But as Venus moves into Cancer and your “commit or quit” eighth house until September 6, you can’t waffle about your feelings. Something may have to be released to create space for a new possibility to emerge. But this CAN be a sexy process! Cancer rules your seductive eighth house. With the love planet here, the next four weeks will be quite stimulating, to say the least. But this might also churn up strong emotions, so watch for unjustified jealousy or rage. Going the extra mile in the name of romance, however, is more than justified! If you’re making a big leap with your long-term love (or working out 2020-appropriate “arrangements”) or letting your baehunting efforts lead you down sultrier trails, get ready: Whatever moves you make could define a new chapter of your life.

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