Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF June 29 – July 5, 2020

Protect your tech—and your privacy too! Late Monday (early Tuesday in many places), Jupiter, the planet of exposure, bangs into secret-keeper Pluto. For the second time since April 4, they’re connecting in Capricorn and your eleventh house of community and technology. If you haven’t been logging out of profiles on shared computers or double-checking privacy settings, start making a practice of doing so now. You might not be aware of the metadata that gets attached to every photo you send that can have your location and other personal intel encoded along with it.

We’re not trying to scare you here, Pisces—we’re just suggesting you be more vigilant about all the settings on said apps (you can turn off a lot of the problematic ones) and also be aware that posting on social media isn’t the free for all it originally seemed to be. There’s one more Jupiter-Pluto meetup in 2020, on November 12. Between now and then, you might get a savvy strategy in place for earning. Maybe you’ll hear a calling to do more work online or to learn new software that can put money in the bank. From programming to podcasting to teaching a virtual class, push yourself through the learning curve, Pisces, and into prosperity.

With expressive Mercury backstroking through Cancer and your fifth house of creativity and romance (since June 18), you may be bumping up against artist’s block, or someone might feel more like an apparition than a legit love interest. And no matter which remedies you try to employ, nothing seems to do the trick! You COULD continue to pound away, but why not try a totally different tack? (That can work magic with the cosmic messenger retrograde.) Rather than wait for inspiration to strike, disregard your muse and occupy your time on something you have control over, like getting your studio or “tools of the trade” in order. If ideas do strike, jot them down or sketch them out, but do NOT attempt to finish this. Let it simmer on a back burner until it gets so hot you can’t ignore it any more. The same goes for your love life. If you’re single, make peace with that status (at least until Mercury straightens out on July 12). Newly dating? See what happens if you pull back a little instead of always being available. Solidly attached? Overlook all the petty stuff that could normally lead to a disagreement. On Tuesday, June 30, Mercury aligns with the inspired and radiant, which could clear up a misunderstanding—or a mystery—and return your imagination and vision. Patience, Pisces!

Could your online presence stand some sprucing up—or a high-pro glow? This Wednesday, mature Saturn, which has been retrograde in Aquarius since May 10, backflips up into Capricorn and your eleventh house of technology and community and will stay in reverse motion until September 29. Retrogrades have distinct upsides, and in this case, you might finally prioritize a “digital makeover,” which in certain cases may be seriously overdue! Whatever you do, you probably need to have a strong online representation. It’s always important, and in the “migrating-to-virtual” COVID era, it’s more vital than ever. From casual social media feeds to professional (and dating) profiles, you want to make a good first impression. And if your business runs digitally, it’s worth hiring pros to modernize your visuals and brand storytelling. Got an idea for a new product, an app or e-venture, or maybe your own YouTube channel? With Saturn retrograde, you’ve got “bonus” time for your R+D. This realm also rules your social network, and Saturn’s backspin here could disrupt the peaceful vibes in one of your work or friend groups. Stay on the periphery so you don’t get sucked into the fray. And since retrogrades rule the past, you could reconnect with former colleagues or friends. Explore the synergies: You could be sitting on a gold mine!

Your team spirit gets dialed up again on Saturday night—or early Sunday in some places—when the year’s only Capricorn full moon (also a lunar eclipse) activates that eleventh house of technology, teamwork and activism. This is the final eclipse in a two-year series in Cancer-Capricorn, so things could definitely come to a head now. Eclipses often signal culminations or turning points and can expose hidden aspects of a project or partnership. And with Saturn retrograding here, you might stumble on a juicy plot twist! Keep your eye on the long-term prize. The energetic pattern set up now will reverberate until the end of 2020!

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