Leo Daily Horoscope

August 9, 2020

You’re in your element this weekend, Lion, and not just because it’s Leo season! (Although that clearly adds to your starpower.) The Sun is heating up your sign and self-empowered first house, AND it’s positively paired with the Aries moon in your ninth house of adventure, philosophy and candor. While honesty is the best policy—and your only policy when it comes to partnerships—this Saturday you need to stay mindful so you don’t injury anyone with those mighty truth hammers. Everyone has their own reality, and if you want to get people onboard with your ideas, you’ll need to meet them where they are—yes, even if you find it mildly ridiculous. On Sunday, you might run into some red tape or other limitations when la luna confronts authoritarian Saturn, who’s winding down a two-and-a-half-year tour of your organized sixth house. Where you’d settle for “good enough,” Saturn’s perfectionist tendencies have you going back and reviewing every last detail. There IS a compromise here, but you may have to be the one to propose it.

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