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Stability and security are always high-pri objectives for a Capricorn, and this Monday, August 3, the annual full moon in Aquarius helps you drum up innovative ways to meet those goals. This lunar lift activates your second house of income. Get ready! Dutiful efforts of the past six months will unblock the dam on a revenue stream or put you in a prime position to make more at your current gig. Since the next two weeks are peak harvest time for this full moon, bring nothing less than your “A” game and seize any opportunity to strategically self promote. Whether or not you realize it, Capricorn, prestigious people are looking for someone just like you. Meet the universe halfway, revealing your skill set or sending out pitch decks if they’re ready to go. Since Aquarius rules online communities, posting on social media could draw inquiries from influential sources. If you’ve been working to develop a new offering, consider Monday a cosmic ribbon-cutting ceremony. Share your progress, regardless of whether or not your product is finished. Those BTS highlights will get followers engaged and cheering you on to success.

How much to invest—and who to invest in—could become the hottest topic of conversation starting Tuesday, as expressive Mercury slinks into Leo and your intimate eighth house until August 19. Despite the pandemic, partnerships have been a big focus for you, as social Mercury took an extended tour through Cancer (which included the June 18 to July 12 retrograde) and activated your house of twosomes. But as you’ve probably discovered since then, every duo doesn’t turn out to be dynamic. Plus, there are only 24 hours in a day. For the next couple of weeks, streamline your focus, directing attention toward relationships that hold the promise of a fulfilling ROI. These can be for business or pleasure; what’s most important is that your combined forces build even more energy than you could put out on your own. If you’ve already met someone who sparks your fire, be willing to take a chance to see if the connection has lasting potential. Happily attached? In your eighth house, the messenger planet can inspire deep, metaphysical conversations—or just some spicy pillow talk. Got something to say? Say it—in bed! This is also a good time for all Capricorns to take their savings and investments more seriously. If you’re not already working with a professional adviser, have a few (ideally free) consultations to find one you’re compatible with.

On Friday, there’s more magic headed your way as charismatic Venus glides into Cancer and your committed seventh house, inviting you to add more sweetness to your key relationships. This might mean dropping your guard and allowing your partner to do more for you. Single? Approach new situations from a place of hope and optimism rather than assuming things won’t work out. You’re more than ready to attract (or build) a healthy relationship after Venus’ extended tour through Gemini and your grounded sixth house. That began April 3 and included a finicky retrograde from May 13 to June 25. By now, your discernment filters are sharpened to a fine point and you can trust yourself to take the best “next steps” for yourself. Close the opinion polls and do you! With Venus here until September 6, even relationships that veer in a platonic direction could have a lasting, positive impact on your life.

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