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Bring back those lusty feelings! This Monday, August 3, the year’s only full moon in Aquarius turns the key in your eighth house of intimacy and eroticism. Even if you’re just checking ‘em out from a distance—which is kinda your style anyway, Cancer—your seductive engines will be revved up now! Over the next two weeks (or, um, two hours), open your mind to exploration…and, if the conditions are right, some naughty exploration. But this isn’t just sexual gaming. There may be potential for a deep, soulful connection, or, at the very least, a chance to learn something powerful about your own erotic nature. No one currently on your romantic radar? Set the intention to attract someone on your wavelength, even if you wind up videochatting for a while before you meet IRL. The urge to merge will intensify for couples, too. This isn’t something you can fake, obviously. You may need to do some air-clearing—on your own or with a good Telehealth session with a couple’s therapist. Outside the bedroom, this full moon might shine a light on ways to strategically commingle your finances and other resources. You may be close to locking things down with jewelry, an announcement or a joint real estate deal. Bear in mind that any partnership you sign onto under this lunation is going to be trickier to get out of. Search your soul and make sure you’re truly with it!

Starting Tuesday, you’ll want to talk nuts and bolts as vocal Mercury hunkers down in your pragmatic second house until August 19. Assumptions are a no-go during this cycle. If you’re not crystal clear about what someone is asking of you, get the details before you say yes or no. This also marks the ending of a prolonged cycle of Mercury in YOUR sign, which activated your outspoken, quick-fire first house. On May 28, Mercury buzzed into Cancer and stayed there for ten weeks (as opposed to the normal three-week spell) due to a retrograde from June 18 and July 12. Did your mouth write a check that your ass couldn’t cash? Even though Mercury is now moving on to Leo, it might take a few weeks to catch up on any “payments” due. Some of these might be forgivable, but not without effort. Stick to the facts and get real about what you CAN provide. If you don’t have money, how about putting in some time and bartering services? If you don’t have time, well, can you graciously throw a little money at it? Speaking of cash, for Cancers on the income trail, a job search could lead you in promising directions. Tap your friends and social networks for leads. Don’t be afraid to talk shop after work hours. Conversations may naturally veer toward investments and business opportunities. Listen to the details and read the fine print first. If you do decide to pursue an opportunity, come up with a plan—involving a timeline and financial prospective—-even if it slows things down at first. Better to know where you’re headed than wind up somewhere you weren’t prepared for.

Thankfully, your personal magnetism gets a power surge on Friday, as vivacious Venus sails into your sign, launching a charm offensive that’ll be in effect until (at least) September 6. This marks the end of yet another prolonged cycle in 2020, Venus’ voyage through Gemini and your turbulent twelfth house that began way back on April 3. While you’re probably emerging from those waters feeling as wise as an ancient oracle, you won’t be sad to take a break from all that healing and dharma work. Cast your dreamy eyes to the future. What do you want to draw into your life: a partner, new job, fresh social connections? Take a look at your own outreach efforts, both what you do and how you do it. Could you add more graciousness and refinement to your interactions? Take more time winding up before you deliver your fastball. Authentic connections with the people you want in your inner circle require nurturing, something your sign instinctively knows how to do. These next few weeks, infuse all your interactions with more of that, then sit back and watch the Law of Attraction in action!

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