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August Snapshot

Ready to feel steady again, Cancer? After June and July rocked your world with eclipses—one swept through your sign on June 21, putting one of your key projects or desires front and center. As August begins, you may ache for simplicity and the first three weeks will hashtag-bless your efforts to bring consistency and healthy routines back into your life.

With the Sun in Leo heating up your sensible-but-sensual second house until August 22, you’ll find deep satisfaction bringing order back to the Cancer court. Lost your rhythm with exercise, sleep or mealtimes? Leo season will nudge you to reboot practices that help you feel centered and peaceful.

That will be extra comforting as your career heats up for the rest of the year. With go-getter Mars blazing through Aries in your professional tenth house until January 6, 2021, work could become quite the pressure cooker. Do you have the support in place that you need? Prioritize tasks that build your nest egg. Set up sustainable structures, like weekly check-ins with a client or key colleague.

Throughout this month, Mars will lock into three tense squares with extravagant Jupiter, restrictive Saturn and ruthless, pulling you in dueling directions. All three of these heavenly bodies are in Capricorn and your relationship sector, which could spark a stressful tug of war between your key relationships and your ambitious plans. At times, it could take Herculean effort to get people to pull their weight. Be firm and direct about your needs, and you’ll find a way to handle your demanding workload and enjoy quality time “off duty.”

Lopsided relationships will need to be addressed. You’re a consummate caretaker, but you simply can’t be the “first responder” to every family or coworker crisis anymore. Start delegating and teaching them how to do it themselves. Focus on making people capable, not codependent!

Your social life gets a welcome uptick when the Sun glides into Virgo on August 22, activating your chatty, communal third house for a month. Take a well-deserved vacay from being a superstar at work and do some (masked) mingling. Plan a day trip—with safety precautions in place and well-stocked picnic basket in tow. Meet a few friends for a socially-distanced hang at a favorite outdoor bistro or start a Zoom mastermind with your favorite creative thinkers.

Week 1: August 1-9
Should I stay or should I go?

Partner up for the win? On Monday, August 3, the year’s only Aquarius full moon beams into your eighth house of intimacy, merging, and joint ventures. Your passion levels could be off the charts, and you may want to focus on your key relationships, both business and personal. Pour your energy into a project that excites you or slip off for some sexy solo time with your favorite plus-on.

If you’ve been considering syncing up with someone for mutual gain, this full moon can bring a major turning point—or moment of truth—that may be connected to something you started during the Aquarius new moon at the beginning of the year. Make time for an important one-on-one conversation to talk about how you can best combine your superpowers or move a relationship toward more permanent status.

Heads-up: Your private confab could be interrupted by a million pinging phone notifications or even some tempting but ultimately distracting social invitations. The full moon will square off against disruptor Uranus in stubborn Taurus and your eleventh house of groups, technology and casual connections. Information you hoped to keep under wraps might leak into the rumor mill, so strengthen those passwords. Jealousy could flare with a friend or rival colleague, or there could be some drama on social media that requires damage control. Ugh!

A budding business partnership can finally come together, or it could combust over a tiny but intractable point. A sexual or committed relationship might become uber-official—or you may decide to go your separate ways, especially if you feel stifled.

Not sure whether to stay or go? This full moon of extremes may push you in one definite direction. You’re either in or you’re out! But try not to act on raw emotion alone. People will really push your buttons this week, and that could cause you to act impulsively.

Adding even more tension to the mix, on August 4, Mars in your success zone will square off against bombastic Jupiter in your partnership house. The first major duel between love and career erupts now. Do you want to keep the peace—or simply protect your piece of the pie? These two rash and excessive planets could give you “too much of a good thing,” and you may find that you just can’t juggle the demands of both camps. Wave the white flag instead of trying to please everyone (you know how THAT ends up, Cancer).

Week 2: August 10-16
The boiling point—and simmering down

This week brings another relationship-career power struggle, and the peak intensity of this conflict. On Thursday, August 13, rash Mars in your professional tenth house challenges powermonger Pluto in your relationship zone.

Tension at work—or between work and your relationship—could reach a boiling point. Tempers can flare, and suppressed anger can explode during this reckless clash. Job-related stress mixes with resentment toward a partner or coworker into a stewing cauldron of anger.

And while it might SEEM like a good idea to talk things through, you won’t likely be able to hear each other. A talk that starts out innocently could detonate, so if you sense things headed that way, call a time-out. Otherwise, you may burn a bridge in your attempt to repair it. If need be, find a wise third party to help you talk this through, like a therapist or mediator.

You may get some welcome relief just in time for the weekend. On Saturday, August 15, radical changemaker Uranus goes retrograde (backward) in Taurus and your collaborative eleventh house until January 14. This annual five-month backspin gives you a chance to step back from any heated emotions and kneejerk responses, especially in a team setting or friendship.

Volunteer to coordinate a staff retreat (virtually if you must) for some trust-building and creative visioning, or just to put your heads together on how to improve your flow if you’re working remotely. No shame in that: Even the Wall Street Journal recently reported that “fear-driven productivity” has given way to fatigue, and that companies are feeling the toll of the pandemic.

With Uranus slowed down, people may be less concerned with their own rebellious agendas (finally!) and ready to actually hear one another, which can yield small but positive changes. A collaboration that’s run hot-and-cold could settle into a pace that works for everyone—albeit a slower one. Or you might just opt to shelve this project for now.
Don’t lock yourself into a rigid timeline for the rest of the year. With erratic Uranus in your house of teamwork and technology until 2026, there’s no telling how long a group project might take, or how many stops and starts it could have. You can try to break an ambitious endeavor into phases. But even then, let the people you’re accountable to know there are no absolute guarantees. Stay flexible and be willing to pivot at a moment’s notice.

Week 3: August 17-23
A fresh jolt of energy

A new financial opportunity could arrive this week as the August 18 Leo new moon kicks off a fresh six-month cycle in your second house of work, money and security. Ready to circulate your online portfolio to prospective clients or put feelers out for a job offer? This is a great day to review and reset your budget for the rest of the year, especially if things have changed a lot. Keep your eyes peeled for revenue-generating ideas and a chance to turn one into a tangible success.

Bring more stability into your life through a new practice like morning yoga, a commitment to eat more healthfully or doing daily Law of Attraction journaling. Between now and the Leo full moon on January 28, 2021, take small steps each day to create more consistency in your life. Prioritizing and doing less can bring you a whole lot more, from financial stability to a sense of inner peace.

Get out and mingle again (mask on for safety!) when the Sun moves into Virgo and your third house of communication, community and curiosity from August 22 to September 22. This media-savvy month urges you to connect with kindred spirits. Pump up your digital presence. Dive into new books, hobbies and podcasts. Put together a course to teach your passion to others. Sharing is caring now.

Week 4: August 24-31
A flashing yellow light

With ambitious Mars in assertive Aries, you already know your career is moving fast—but as the red planet forms a harsh square to cautious Saturn in your interpersonal zone on Monday, August 24, you may get the feeling you’re driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake.

Take this stop-and-go energy as a positive invitation to slow down and make sure everyone’s on the same page. Read the fine print on a contract or agreement. Do more research or another round of edits. Spend time with loved ones or book a massage instead of just wasting time staring at your screen. Take action on what you can, but trust that any brief holding patterns are only a temporary obstacle and could actually be an opportunity to correct course.

On the relationship front, you now have a chance to catch your breath—especially if an attraction went from zero to committed overnight. The chemistry may be undeniable, but is this really what you’re looking for? Apply Suzy Welch’s 10-10-10 decision-making metric and ask yourself: How will I feel about this in ten minutes, ten months and ten years?

The excitement of moving so quickly could have caused you to overlook some red flags. Now that your romantic high (or biz-partner buzz) has subsided, step back and review. At the very least, you’ll create a more sustainable arrangement. This could be a blessing in disguise!


Get ready for a romantic awakening! After four looooong months in Gemini and your soporific twelfth house (since April 3), amorous Venus rouses from her rest and blazes into your sign on August 7. Adding insult to injury, she was retrograde from mid-May until June 25. So if you feel like you had a “bummer summer” or missed out on a spring fling, suit up because the tides are about to turn!

Not all Crabs were out of canoodling commission, of course. For some, it was fantasy-fueled respite from life’s daily stressors. You might have gotten a break from a demanding partner or had the chance to get to know someone WAY better before moving things forward. And truth be told, most Cancers enjoy time in your shell, nurturing yourself, being creative and just relaxing.

But at some point, your human needs flare up and the urge to flirt, exchange witty banter and be adored can’t be held back. With magnetic Venus now in residence in your sign until September 6, you can get out and try new things, meet new people and have some stimulating experiences.

While Venus has you feeling light and floaty, the other love planet, passionate Mars, is on a long, slow march through your tenth house of ambition and long-term plans. This activates the side of you that wants to make things happen and lock down a commitment—or at least know “where things are going.” (But heads-up: On September 9, the fiery red planet will shift into retrograde for nine weeks, during which time you could change your mind so fast you get whiplash.)

Even as Mars begins his pre-retrograde slowdown, you might have sudden second thoughts about a budding commitment or decide you need more freedom and room to roam. It doesn’t have to be either/or, but you may have to do some internal juggling to balance those competing energies.

Key Dates:
August 25: Venus-Jupiter opposition

Don’t let an attraction get the better of you. Under this larger-than-life amorous alignment, you may entertain some wild fantasies. While there’s nothing wrong with pursuing them, make sure you’re not trying to wrangle a unicorn. Couples should talk through conflicts with love and compassion. Set an intent to get through it, and you’ll become stronger as a result.


As August begins, getting your routines in order on the home front could help you improve your focus at work. Your career is already going full speed thanks to ambitious Mars in driven Aries and your success sector. But be prepared for a couple of major speed bumps this month, possibly involving a conflict with a colleague or tension between your work and your romantic partner.

On August 3, the Aquarius full moon in your eighth house of long-term finance and joint ventures squares off against disruptor Uranus in your teamwork zone. You may have to evaluate whether to stay the course with a long-term project or cut ties completely. Try to get a handle on your impulsive urges when they arise because it will be hard to reverse them when they’re unleashed!

Things slow down a bit as Uranus starts its yearly five-month retrograde on Saturday, August 15. The sense of urgency around group projects should ease up a bit. Think about breaking a venture into smaller pieces—that way if something goes wrong the overall mission will stay on track. A Mars-Saturn square on August 24 will also decelerate the frantic pace, giving you a chance to think twice (even thrice) before locking yourself into a long-term arrangement.

Key Dates:
August 2: Sun-Uranus square

Someone is hellbent on disrupting your peaceful bubble today, so keep your antennae up and don’t take anyone’s bait, no matter how irresistible. While you might need to have a private word, if you can keep your wits, there’s no reason for this molehill to turn into Kilimanjaro.

Love Days: 24, 28
Money Days: 8, 18
Luck Days: 15, 5
Off Days: 13, 26, 3

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